Has This Heat and Rain Damaged Your Chimney??

Let’s face it. It’s been pretty hot and rainy..

Severe weather often causes chimney damage, and moisture is added flame to the fire. The best way to check for damage is a chimney inspection, which should be done twice a year anyway.

During chimney inspections, our experienced chimney sweeps are able to identify moisture damage that the untrained eye wouldn’t notice. It’s important to catch chimney damage early, to keep repair costs as low as possible.

Here are some definite signs of a much needed inspection..

Weather Damage You Can See

The results of harsh weather on a chimney aren’t always hidden to the layperson. Sometimes you can see the effects of a powerful storm. The following are things to look for on your chimney:

Chimney Flashing

The metal at the base of the chimney where it meets the roofline is the “flashing.” The purpose of flashing is to create a watertight barrier between the roof and the chimney. In a blustery storm, flashing could be pulled away from the chimney, making your home vulnerable to leaks. Hail and heavy downpours could also cause damage, creating an urgent need for chimney flashing repair.


Following veering winds and other stormy conditions, you may notice missing bricks on your chimney. With close inspection, you may see that cracks have developed or bits of debris are lying around the chimney area. These things all provide unmistakable evidence of damage to your chimney.

Chimney Cap

Debris carried by the wind or the wind itself could knock the chimney cap completely off or unseat it so that it is no longer providing protection from moisture. Without a chimney cap with mesh, your chimney becomes susceptible to water damage and allows birds and animals to have access inside.

What Now? Contact Us!

If you sense that your chimney may be leaking or damaged as a result of soggy, stormy spring weather, give us a call at North American Chimney.
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Ashley Zona